National Take a Newbie Shooting Day: March 9, 2013

I’ve waited as long as I can for confirmation from the local range, but time is of the essence here. I’m officially pegging Saturday March 9th as National Take a Newbie Shooting day. I’ll get back to you guys later about sponsors, including possible ammunition sponsors and other friendly companies that want to help out.

We have just over a month to pull this thing together, and I’m confident that we can get the job done. What YOU can do to help is sign up to host a range trip on that day using the link over in the right hand sidebar. If you don’t want to participate after this first trip, let us know and we will remove you from the list.

Here goes nothing!

What We are All About


Every firearms owner remembers their first trip to the range. And while it may have seemed a little scary or intimidating at first, the thrill of being able to hit your target soon overshadowed any previous trepidation you may have had. Its something that we as gun owners understand, but for those who have never felt the recoil of a rifle against their shoulder or watched a steel target dancing as they hit it with round after well placed round it can often be difficult. For those people, the trepidation they feel about firearms is the only thing they understand, and not the joys that come with a good trip to the range.

I think that needs to change.


Since the beginning of this recent round of “gun control” debates I have heard countless stories of people who were previously in favor of confiscating firearms from Americans doing a complete 180 after their first range trip. Once they understand how a gun works, and see how responsible and safe the average American gun owner is with firearms, that trepidation about firearms ownership disappears. While its nice to hear stories like that once in a while, I think there needs to be a concerted effort to get as many new shooters out to the range as possible.

We need to share our love and passion for firearms with the world.


That’s why I started this website. My goal is to first organize a nation-wide “take a newbie shooting” day where new shooters can feel welcome to come learn about guns and how to safely enjoy the shooting sports as much as us current gun owners, and then provide a framework where those interested in becoming a firearms owner can connect with someone in their local area for an introductory range trip. And, hopefully, we can get enough sponsors to offset the ammunition costs that we can do this for free.

That’s my vision, and I hope that you can help me. If this sounds good to you, please visit the links on the right to either volunteer to help organize this undertaking or to host a range trip in your local area.

For those looking to host a range session we will create an email address here ( that forwards to whatever email address you entered, so your personal email will never be listed on the site. And, if at any time you want us to sever that link to your personal email, we will gladly do so. Just let us know.

Thank you.